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At Naed Nutrition we know that everyone is different and as such are passionate about personalised nutrition. There is no one size fits all for clean eating, what works for one doesn’t work for some. Each person has their own goal, their own likes and dislikes with foods, has a different lifestyle, and different health concerns whether it be past or present.

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quote2The 7 day clean eating plan has been going really well for me! I’ve had great results from the plan so far – it has helped me curb down sugar and carb cravings dramatically which has been really good and on top of that I have lost 2.3kg! So I’ve gone down from 58kg down to 55.7kg! (In under one week!)quote3 - Monique Lepouris

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quote2Through group training and some fantastic Nutrition planning with the help of Sinead, I have gone from 103kg to 83kg in 12 months. I am fitter, healthier, happier and loving life.quote3 - Gerren Goodwin

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quote2After 12 weeks on you're clean eating plan I feel great! I am eating more, eating clean and a lot more organised. I used to crave sugar and eat a lot of chocolate, but being on the plan I don't crave sugar or chocolate.. It's Amazing !! I look & feel great and have dropped a dress size as well as reach my goal weight!quote3 - Latoya Elisseou

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