7 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan


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A clean eating meal plan for 7 days that is simple and will get results created by a Qualified Nutritionist

A clean eating meal plan for 7 days that is simple and will get results created by a Qualified Nutritionist

  • 7 Days of clean food specifically planned
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Drink, Snacks, Liquids
  • Great Variety
  • Nutritional Balanced
  • Easy to follow
  • Clean food

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"8 months ago, I weighed a horrific 67kg that I thought that I would never get rid of. As time went by, with a heavy amount of exercise, investing all my time in going to the gym, then trying to eat correctly, I then weighed an exceptional 58kg. What I struggled with however, was eating the right foods and eating regularly. To be truthfully honest, I has always been a massive fan of junk food, and it also played a massive part in my diet regime which led me into having massive cravings. It wasn't until a few weeks ago where I was educated about clean eating through following a 7 day program set out by Naed Nutrition that made a huge difference not only my cravings and food regulation, but also feeling fuller for longer periods of time without the deprivation of hunger. As a result, I have lost a staggering 2.3kg within 2-3 days of following the clean eating program. Unlike most 'fad diets' that I have been on, this program has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle. I thoroughly recommend anyone to follow this program followed by Sinead Smyth who is a highly qualified nutritionist and is educated about the right foods that allow you to live and active and fulfilling life. Sinead has changed my life for the better and I can't thank her enough. I feel good and look better, and I can even fit into my 'skinny' jeans that I haven't been able to fit into for a couple of years. My family have even noticed the difference in me becoming disciplined and my weight loss. I hope to encourage and inspire those to purchase and follow the 7 Days of Clean Eating Program, you will notice a large difference in being motivated in wanting to eat well and also motivate others to eat clean foods.

Thank you so much Sinead, I couldn't of been where I am now at without your help."

Monique Lepouris

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